July 2024

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Vintage Knitting Memories Reborn?

This is yet another got to catch up entry.

Back in November, my guild, LIKCG, had a charity yarn auction that for me was an opportune way to get to add to my stash, without spending too much moola, & at the same time do something good for our guild charities.

Now mind you, I have been known not to want to miss out on a good chance to add to my stash but this evening spent with kindred yarn loving knitters & crocheters was special.

The LIKCG members all came prepared, and we all bid to our heart’s content. Some of the bidding got intense with everyone enjoying the competition. We bid on yarn, tools, books & magazines that were all donated to the guild or the guild charities especially for the auction.

I was able to pick up several bags of some really cool vintage wool.

But my personal prize for the night was 6 skeins of Reynolds Classique in the very same color, Bleu Yacht, that I had used to make a sweater for my son some 25+ years ago!  The sweater itself I have no idea what happened to. I think it may have gotten on the hand me down chain and gone to my sister and then on to others on the chain.

Finding this yarn has put a bug in me to recreate the pattern even though I have no little boy to make it for right now, I am feeling very reminiscent about this yarn.

At the time I made the sweater, I was working in a little LYS (Yarn Boutique in Queens, NY) and Classique was the “in” yarn to knit with.  100% cabled wool – made in France – great bounce and stitch definition

I dug through piles of papers in my old knitting files and was able to come up with it – my original notes on the sweater!

Nevertheless after searching the old pictures boxes that I have yet to organize at any point in my entire life, I was not able to come up with one stinking picture of my child in this sweater…..

But I’ve got my scribbled notes and I’ve got my  graphs.

Wish me luck in the re-creation 🙂

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