April 2024

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The Return

So….. um, yeah, OK …. I was wrong…. there I said it, I admit it. Wow, what a relief to get that out of my head.
Really, these past months of “disconnection” has kind of made me feel like my brain was about to explode.

Let me explain, even though I have not been blogging about my knitting, spinning & crocheting, I have been indeed working at them, & everything has been stored in this new area of my brain created after I decided to step back for a while.
Seems I have created a temporary cache folder, so to speak, in the back of my head, and this folder is named “stuff I could or should be blogging about”. Well, the folder is somewhat overflowing & it is giving me a headache trying to keep what’s in it from not falling out of the back of my head & leaving a big messy trail behind me.
So where to begin in order to catch up?
I had thought I would just review my phone’s pictures folder and thereby have an accurate date order of pictures of my work. But I upgraded from a BB (which I very much disliked) to an awesome HTC android thunderbolt (which I love). In the move I am certain that some pictures were lost, so I have had to do a lot of backtracking to be sure I did not miss anything.

I am going to post pictures of only the finished projects instead of listing all the WIPs, because then things would really get out of hand.




Taste of Aran Afghan knitted for my very special niece in Cascade 220 Super Wash.






Super easy bathroom rug, crocheted using two strands of Lily Sugar & Cream cotton held together, so it worked up super fast. Plus the      thickness makes it nice & cushy under your feet.



Hooded Baby Aran Sweaters  – completed two. One went to an office mate who just had a beautiful baby girl, and the other is remaining “in stock” until needed.







Scarf & mitts  knitted for a fore mentioned niece now going to FSU, hence the school colors.





More pictures to come when I have more time. That’s enough for now….I still have to spinning to get to.

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