June 2024

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Patti Anne

I have been knitting ever since I can remember,  probably close to 55 years.  I known that may seem like quite some time,  but I had an early start at 3 or 4 years old.  My mom started me off with some plastic 7” straight needles and “left-overs” from her own knitting.  I was one of 5,  fairly closely spaced children,  and my Mom quickly found the easy way to keep at least one of them,  me,  quiet was with some yarn. Well,  the obsession has stuck with for my entire life.

During the 60’s I knitted everything I could get my hands on for myself,  friends and family.  My knitting book & magazine collection goes back to this amazing time when knitting was undergoing a revival,  much like it is now.

From 1976 through 1983,  I worked at “The Yarn Boutique” in Jamaica Estates,  NY as their resident instructor and pattern writer.  This was a small but very fashionable local yarn store that offered high end yarns with customer personalized patterns.

I am a member of The Knitting Guild of America,  and have completed Level 2 of their Master Knitters Program,  and I am currently working on completing Level 3.

I am also a member of a local NY guild,  The Long Island Knit & Crochet Guild.  We are a great group,  working to promote charity knitting and teaching others to enjoy this craft as much as we do.

Knitting will always be a major part of my life,  followed closely by crochet.  I also spin,  which I love too!