April 2024

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Living in the Present

I wanted to kind of mix things up a bit here, and actually post about something recent instead of always trying to catch up on “older” items that I want to share but haven’t had the time.

So, just a quick note about the fun I had last Wednesday night at the Long Island Spinners Study Group out in Smithtown. This was my first visit to any sort of spinning group, and it was just great to see all the other spinners with their wheels and fiber spinning, talking and sharing.  The group presentation for the evening was about spinning directly from the fleece, and I found it informative and the presenter (sorry I am too new to the group to remember her name) was very skilled and knowledgeable.

Overall – it was a bit of a trek to get out there from Nassau County, roughly 1/2 hr, but I think well worth the trip. I posted a link to their site on the side here under Spinning Sites.

A special treat for the evening, as it was St. Patrick’s Day, there was a bagpiper, with the gift of a few songs.

There was also a few people selling some rovings on the side tables, so of course I added to  my fiber stash, all in the good faith of experimentation, and practicing to learn a new skill.

A cuppa tea, some goodies from the snack table and I was on my way to a good evening.

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