July 2024

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Cotton Sleep Mask

Another new year always brings the resolutions to take better care of ourselves.  Eat better, exercise, get outdoors more, go for a walk, and just breath the fresh air.

A big part of taking better care of myself, I found was to try to get a better night’s sleep. I would always get to bed exhausted after a long day’s work, but found myself having a hard time falling asleep, or tossing and turning all night long.

I have tried earplugs, and swear by them, so I know it wasn’t noise. It was light.

We all have so many electronic thingys attached to our lives that even when we go to bed, there may be the ambient light from an alarm clock, or even the light from a computer in the next room sneaking its way into the bedroom. I know it sounds crazy but to me even the smallest amount of light I was beginning to find bothersome.

I tried store bought sleep masks, but they were hard to tie on every night and get the right fit, and were always slipping and turning around. Plus I never had any luck with washing them, even by hand , once washed they were never the same.

The only way out was to make one myself, and since knitting is “what” I like to do, I knitted one.

It’s made from Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton, knitted tightly on #3 needles in a K1,P1 rib to make it fit snug and keep out all those pesky bits of light.

Plus it washes well, by hand in cold water, drying flat. I have made myself two, so I can always have a clean one, while the one in the wash dries.

Plus no stings to tie, it is seamed flat in the back, making it one piece that can just pull snuggly on, and get the the shut eye I need.

Moving on now to more resoluteness.

The pattern for this Cotton Sleep Mask is available through my Ravelry page.

Cotton Sleep Mask

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