April 2024

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Well I feel as though I must jump into the fray and post about my experience at Vogue Knitting Live last weekend. It was a veritable fiber frenzy and has taken me a full week to recover from it. Not at all in a bad way, I was just so tired after being emersed and […]

Swift less no more

Let it be known that I have not, nor ever will be swift. I could never run very fast nor was I ever quick on the draw or uptake. None the less I am now the happy owner of a beautiful handmade yarn swift. I found this beautiful handmade work of art on etsy.com made […]

Living in the Present

I wanted to kind of mix things up a bit here, and actually post about something recent instead of always trying to catch up on “older” items that I want to share but haven’t had the time.

So, just a quick note about the fun I had last Wednesday night at the Long Island Spinners […]

Yes Sir, Yes Sir

Three Bags Full!!

Washed, picked, and ready to be carded.

From a fleece I brought home from our last visit to Scotland. I won’t say how long ago, because I know now it is not a good thing to store a dirty fleece. At the time I knew quite a bit less than I do […]

Before & After

Getting back to this after much procrastination, so I have quite a bit to add. I have been thinking about what to add and have a nice list but, needed the time to get it done. So first on my list is my before and after spinning/knitting show & tell:

This blue handspun became these […]

“Practice” Spinning

During the last few months I have been trying to really practice at my spinning. So the results of practicing since about July ending up like this:

Green/Orange Blend – I really have to take some more serious notes on what type of fiber, but as I was just “practicing”, I was spinning with […]


It seems that I may have found a way to relieve some of my holiday stress.

I have been learning to spin on & off over the course of this year seriously. I have a beautiful saxony wheel that my husband bought me as an anniversary gift some years ago, but I wasn’t really […]