May 2024

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Columbia-Minerva Infant’s Three Piece Set – Number 744-21









I’ve said it before. I like working with old patterns.

Recently during an organizing attempt to get all my stash and patterns in some sort of order, I came across a page that must have fallen out of a booklet somehow. For the life of […]

The Return

So….. um, yeah, OK …. I was wrong…. there I said it, I admit it. Wow, what a relief to get that out of my head. Really, these past months of “disconnection” has kind of made me feel like my brain was about to explode.

Let me explain, even though I have not been blogging […]


Well I feel as though I must jump into the fray and post about my experience at Vogue Knitting Live last weekend. It was a veritable fiber frenzy and has taken me a full week to recover from it. Not at all in a bad way, I was just so tired after being emersed and […]

Knitting Yin & Yang

In all things there are opposites. Those things that are diametrically opposed.

There is the yin & yang, right & wrong, black & white, up & down, in & out, male & female, you get the idea.

I recently learned of an interesting drink that I must try, also called Yin & Yang, which mixes […]

Vintage Knitting Memories Reborn?

This is yet another got to catch up entry.

Back in November, my guild, LIKCG, had a charity yarn auction that for me was an opportune way to get to add to my stash, without spending too much moola, & at the same time do something good for our guild charities.

Now mind you, I […]

Turn-A-Square Hats

Even though I am trying to keep up to date with this blog thing, my real life just keeps getting in the way.

I never seem to have the time to sit down and write out what I have on my mind’s list of things that I want to share.

So with that said, I […]

Before & After

Getting back to this after much procrastination, so I have quite a bit to add. I have been thinking about what to add and have a nice list but, needed the time to get it done. So first on my list is my before and after spinning/knitting show & tell:

This blue handspun became these […]

Catching up

I have quite a bit to catch up on! This holiday season really caught me by storm, not that any other holiday season is not a whirlwind, but this one really wiped me out. So I guess I’ll start with an easy post about the LIKCG Charity Teddy Bears.

Anyone who wanted took home bear […]

My Knitting Nirvana

So I guess I have to start somewhere and for me the best place to be at any time of the day is in my knitting studio, my knitting nirvana.

I have been knitting as long as I can remember and during all those years have accumulated a nice size stash. I […]