June 2024

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Catching up

I have quite a bit to catch up on!  This holiday season really caught me by storm, not that any other holiday season is not a whirlwind, but this one really wiped me out.  So I guess I’ll start with an easy post about the LIKCG Charity Teddy Bears.

Anyone who wanted took home  bear to “dress” in any way you wanted.  The bears were then collected and judged, and I have to say that I took my pictures way too early because the tables were full of all different kinds of teddy bears.  The creativity was really amazing to see how different and interesting the bears turned out.

bears-2 bearsimg00106-20091209-2100So you can already guess which bear I dressed.

img00107-20091209-2101 img00108-20091209-2102

I wanted my bear to be a for a girl, so I took a bunch of yarn in baby colors & made them into granny squares, and then using the bear as a model, just sewed them together so they would fit.  I alternated the squares in two rows for the back & fronts. Two squares sewn together became the tubes for sleeves. The edging was 1 row of sc, and then one row of ch3, sc around.  It was finished with a one button closure and the neck edges were tacked down to stay in place.  My goal was to end up with something cheerful.

Congrats to the winners of the contest, and to all who participated. All the bears were collected and they will be donated to a charity for children.

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