April 2024

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My Knitting Nirvana

So I guess I have to start somewhere and for me the best place to be at any time of the day is in my knitting studio, my knitting nirvana.


I have been knitting as long as I can remember and during all those years have accumulated a nice size stash.  I say nice size because one can never have too much stash, there will always be the need for more.

Then if there is always the need for more, there will always be the need to have the space to store it in.  Makes sense, no?

Well in my entire life I have never had what you might call or refer to as a room of my own.  I am the second child of five, so I grew up always sharing a room with my sisters.  Then moved on to be married and have shared a room with my love for going on 34 years now. Scary isn’t it….


Until last year when my husband and I cleared out half of our two car garage and converted it into my knitting studio. I think it may have been out of desperation as we had moved to a much smaller house since the kids had all grown up and moved out.  But all my stuff came with me from the big house in Queens to the small house in East Meadow.

I still haven’t got it all organized quite the way I want it. I guess if you keep acquiring more stash, there will always be the need to organize more.  Which only makes me happier because then I get to spend more time in my favorite place, my knitting nirvana.

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